Dwight howard dating dee dee rosemond

Six years later, that disingenuous event seems as emblematic of his career as any single moment he spent on the court. It is not uncommon for professional athletes to give credit to the divine for their achievements, but Howard went a bit further.

A pre-draft profile in Sports Illustrated mentioned his desire for a cross to be superimposed over the NBA logo, and quoted him as saying that his main purpose is “to preach the word of God in the NBA.” Even the sticker from the famous sticker dunk featured an abridged version of Philippians on it.

Likely because the judges weren’t immediately aware of just that they had witnessed, the dunk was given a 42, and Howard was robbed of an appearance in the Finals.

he quality of few sporting events ebb and flow quite like the Slam Dunk Contest.

A decade ago, it was rising star Dwight Howard who helped give the event one of its periodic peaks, while now, his game and popularity have simply ebbed, with no renewing flow of affection from fans in sight.

He threw himself an alley-oop off the back of the backboard before finishing with a left-handed windmill.

Howard was not only the rare big man who could pull off feats such as this, but he performed it all so smoothly and effortlessly that they were aesthetically pleasing as well.

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