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Although the East China Sea has been known and traveled for hundreds of years, it only became the subject of major oceanographic research in the mid-20th century.

Much early study was undertaken by the Chinese, but by the early 21st century the East China Sea had become the focus of numerous international research collaborations.

The western edge of the sea is a continuation of the shelf that extends between the South China Sea and the Yellow Sea.

A large number of islands and shoals dot the eastern boundary as well as the area near the Chinese mainland.

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Most of the fishing is done by small local boats, although larger trawlers are also used.The Okinawa Trough is perhaps 10 million years old.The Ryukyus are an island chain with several volcanic islands on the East China Sea side. Epicentres of earthquakes are found along the axis of the Okinawa Trough and the Ryukyu Island arc.monsoon wind system, the result of differential heating between land and water.Seismic profiling indicates that the geologic structure beneath the ocean floor consists of nearly parallel folds, with rock ridges near the northern limits of the East China Sea, near the edge of the continental shelf, and along the Ryukyus.These have afforded barriers for sediment brought down by the great Huang He (Yellow River) and also by the Yangtze.

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