Ed westwick dating history

Wynn said her friends also discouraged her from speaking out, telling her she did not want to be 'that girl' - but she found the courage to tell her story after seeing Cohen's account on Monday.

Filming for another BBC drama featuring Westwick, “White Gold,” was also stalled at the time.Cohen said she was encouraged to speak out three years after the alleged attack following the outpouring of stories this past month in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.LAPD launched an investigation into Cohen's claim after she filed an official report on November 7.Last week Kristina Cohen and Aurelie Wynn claimed they were raped by the actor in 2014. She wrote in a Facebook post last week that she went to his house in 2014 with producer Harling who she was dating at the time.She said that after falling asleep in a bedroom at the house she woke up to find Westwick on top of her, and claims he proceeded to hold her down and rape her.

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