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Title: Breakfast Satellite Symposium sponsored by Abb Vie A chat in the park: discussion on biologics and biosimilars in autoimmune inflammatory diseases Description: Biologic drugs have revolutionized the treatment of autoimmune diseases, while biosimilars represent an unprecedented level of complexity for all stakeholders.

Pharmacists have the opportunity to offer guidance in all areas of biologic and biosimilar use.

The available evidence, including limitations, behind both prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis in Canada will be reviewed.

A live interactive polling application will engage participants and allow them to provide their opinions on the key topics discussed.

This collaborative approach will help pharmacists to offer pertinent recommendations to prescribers and meaningful consultation to patients.

The goal of this program is to improve pharmacists' understanding of the practical issues associated with biologic use, as well as of the challenges associated with biosimilar market entry, taking into account the patient, the physician and the pharmacist perspectives.

Using a conversational approach, physician and pharmacist experts will discuss practical questions related to the use of biologics and biosimilars.

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