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Late Stalinism as a period has often been called the "black hole" (p. Mobilizing new archival evidence and new periodization questions, however, the contributions to this volume challenge many of our assumptions about Stalinist power, the role of the war in Soviet society, and the socialist future as it was imagined in 1945.

More than a decade in the making, Dan Healey’s new book provides one of the historical discipline’s first in-depth studies of homosexuality in Russia – from the origins of an urban homosexual subculture in post-Emancipation Moscow and St Petersburg, through the medicalization of the discourse on same-sex love at the turn of the century, and finally to the Stalin-era criminalization of sodomy and persecution of those accused of it.

Here’s what we have pieced together: There are rumors that began last offseason that Ryan Braun is dating Larisa Fraser, who is a Miami based model (Braun went to college at Miami).

Fraser also runs a beauty blog called Bikini Sweetie.

I teach broadly in all eras of Russian and Soviet history, modern Europe, and women and gender.

With the onset of the Cold War and a new nuclear world order, Soviet physicists found themselves at the nexus of scientific research and weapons development.

So we have officially established he has a girlfriend, but we’ve yet to officially establish this girlfriend as Larissa Fraser.

In our sports-gossip world, we have to admit that a lot of times where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so we soldiered on with our search.

On her own blog, Fraser broke the news of the engagement with a small quip calling Braun her fiance, rather than a giant public proclamation: So there you have it. Sources have popped up on other sites saying it was a low key proposal at their favorite restaurant where Braun presented her with a massive rock.Later in 2011, the Brewers team owner chartered a jet for the Brew Crew’s All-Stars, which according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel chauffeured Braun and his girlfriend, again mentioned without a name. Of course, there was the moment when a female fan asked for Braun’s hand in marriage while providing her cell phone number for him to call (and apparently the whole world to call).Braun responded respectfully, but again admitted to having a girlfriend.This article investigates physicist subjectivity as a masculinity issue.Influenced by Connell's models of subordinated, complicit, and hegemonic masculinity, the article finds that the stories nuclear physicists tell about their research in the 1950s are inconsistent and shifting, the narrators simultaneously remembering unfreedom and privilege.

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