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For this article, I’ve broken up managing your psychology into the following categories: Validation: So often our self-worth and self-esteem are determined by some form of external validation.

For some people it’s a promotion at a job, having their book become a bestseller, or selling their startup. But as long as you’re trying to fill a void with something external, you’ll be attempting to fill a bottomless pit.

We spend almost no time teaching people how to manage the relationship they have with themselves, even though it’s the most important relationship they’ll ever have.

No matter what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s building a startup, having a romantic relationship or finish some creative project, you absolutely must learn to manage your psychology.

This pattern will keep repeating in our lives until we come to terms with the fact that our self-worth can’t be gained through external means.

As long as we continue to seek our self-worth through something external, it will always fluctuate.

Fortunately for me, it seems like most of our listeners are interested in those same issues.

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With my 40th birthday around the corner, I felt this immense pressure to meet someone.

But in the process, I had handed over my self-esteem to something else external, approval of the opposite sex.

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