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There are several conditions, which need to be fulfilled in order to obtain the Investment visa such as creating “at least 20 full-time jobs for EU-citizens”. A new purpose of a long-term visa has been introduced, specifically a long-term visa for the purpose of seasonal employment has been added.The Ministry has not provided more details on this visa purpose yet.Among many other changes the new immigration legislation have introduced the possibility to obtain a long-term residence permit for investors; whereby the term investor (the “Investor”) also includes shareholders or directors of a company, Prague.TV, daily for foreigners in Prague reported on July 23, 2017.The newly implemented administrative fees for reception of the application for third country nationals pose another obstacle.

Tomáš Jungwirth sums up that “there is no change for the sake of relocation”.Last day of validity is the latest day to apply for a renewal.120 days ahead is the earliest time to apply for a renewed permit.Tourist- and work visa or work permit are actually no intricacy in the Amendment.However, “those transferring employment, their family members, and people who intend to start a business will be the most affected,” Jungwirth concludes.

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