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There were 19 plays, including The Mousetrap, which has been playing continually in the West End since 1952 - that's 23,500 performances by now. When her only child, Rosalind Hicks, passed away in 2004, the estate was by then worth in excess of £300 million.The film and television adaptations continue to swell the coffers.He had no sympathy with his wife's grief, and Agatha's misery left her 'bereft of joy and spirit', which is always the way with depression. Though she never recovered from Archie's betrayal, it was nevertheless her inspiration henceforward as an artist - the murderers and victims in her books are without exception adulterers, fast girls, cads, lounge lizards, charmers or couples caught up in a sexual frenzy.Aside from the half-dozen titles published prior to 1926, her 84 novels and 157 short stories are an expression of her agony of mind and a prolonged act of retribution.She granted Archie his divorce in 1928 and went off to recuperate on the Simplon Orient Express.

The doctors decided it was 'a clear case of loss of memory and loss of identification'.Agatha went into shock and had a dramatic nervous breakdown within minutes, a record that may still hold.She abandoned her car, a Morris Cowley four-seater, in a chalk pit and made her way from what Hack calls 'Surrey County' and turned up in a hotel in Harrogate, in Yorkshire County.Like Miss Marple, Dame Agatha seemed a sweet old thing, with those old-fashioned glasses, shapeless clothes, and legs in brown stockings that ballooned from poor circulation.The atmosphere of her thrillers seems that of an idyllic England, with steam trains and Art Deco cocktail shakers, cosy Devon cream teas and vintage cars.

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    Easy relationship points: ------------------------- When you talk to a person, scroll the mouse around and click where the "Talk" option would be several times.

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    The other issue of note is how the contestant’s mother complained about the gruelling nature of the shoot.