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It's given life to the places I visited, and I know that anywhere in the world I visit, I'll possibly have a good friend waiting for me!

" - Andrea(Traveling in South America) "We can't recommend Couchsurfing highly enough.

The only way to keep Ned as the heir was to prove that the baby wasn't the son of Alan but of someone else.

Tracy wanted her son, Ned Ashton, who was away at boarding school, to inherit the money.

Tracy lured Mitch into a wedding, because Mitch found the Quartermaine fortune enticing. Mitch also started his campaign for state senate, but with Tracy supplying the money, he had to give in to her demand to crack down on organized crime.

This was hard for Mitch, who was involved with the mob.

of ELQ Partner with Luke in the Haunted Star casino Former director of the General Hospital Charitable Endowment Former mob boss of the Soleito crime family Former ELQ board member Larry Ashton (divorced) Mitch Williams (divorced) Paul Hornsby (divorced) Gino Soleito (deceased) Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr.

At the same time, Tracy discovered that her father, Edward, wouldn't give her any money at all unless she was married.

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