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I recommend that readers see other articles about this study.It has been debunked pretty readily by several other reviewers, including some female ones not in this "club" that wants to reinforce this.Essentially, the study suggests that when it comes to personality men and women belong to two different species. From an evolutionary perspective, large differences in personality between the sexes make perfect sense.Although many of us have long known - on the basis of personal experience - that women are generally more sensitive than men, and men are slightly more emotionally stable than women, previous studies comparing personality traits in men and women found few or no quantitative differences. Divergent sexual selection pressures on men and women are expected to produce substantial differences in personality traits that influence mating and reproductive strategies.The first concern I have with the study is the fact that the survey was taken from only US citizens, primarily white, and all educated? For example; if an individual is seen as "rule-conscious" it could be because during their child hood their parents were abusive, naturally that individual would grow up to listen to rules. I think studying a wider range of societies around the world would have given a better indication. I can think of plenty contradictions to this study and would be interested in seeing the results of this study in other societies and cultures. If this were done more cross-culturally I would be more convinced.Most of the participants were white and from the US. I also think that American society has a major impact on the results of this study and once again, including other societies and cultures would create a much better study in my opinion.tasks were transferable and expedience was the determinant.

Their argument is that measuring personality at the level of the Big Five - the way it was done before - can potentially hide some important differences between the sexes because this approach lacks resolution. Negative predictors of promiscuity and short- term mating include agreeableness, conscientiousness, honesty, and autistic-like traits.

Did the study take this type of variation into account?

Of course this is politically incorrect, but what difference does that make if it is true.

Every subset of animal is a product of their evolutionary upbringing, and their survival was dependent upon successfully interacting within their society and biology.

Women have lived in a very different, albeit overlapping, worlds and existence than men.

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