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Together though, sexting becomes the act of sharing sexually explicit messages or images via texting to illicit a sexual response from another. Sexting is prevalent to both males and females of all ages whether they’re in committed relationships or playing the field.

Mostly though, those of age say that they engage in sexting as a means to feel the power of being wanted and the arousal that comes from hearing what other would want to do to you sexually.

d In by themselves, sexting and Kik are quite regular in nature.

This may be one of the reasons that they attracted a number of people to engage in both.

People who sext has used Kik at one point or another.

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Users are only asked to provide their names, email addresses and birth dates to create one.Sexting is a composite of the terms sex and texting.Separately, they both promote the virtues of communication.Entered birth dates are used by the program to filter users that are below the age limit.Users are then required to create a unique username that is used by other users to search and view other subscriber profiles.

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