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The other, not so good things about Texas, I try to do something about.It is up to each of us to make right the things we don’t like.I heard about the impending hurricane, and to my relief I was able to get home on Friday, just before the hurricane hit the Texas coast north of Corpus Christi.Both airports have now been shut down, as has virtually the entire city.If you don’t like our dependence on oil and gas, subscribe to wind energy.I signed up for 100% wind-powered electricity and can tell you that it is not more expensive than conventional electricity.

Yes, it is also possible that many Texans are overly righteous and judgmental types who believe in self sufficiency and abhor any type of public assistance.

If you don’t like sprawl, live close to where you work.

If you despair about our climate future, you can make a commitment to conserve energy.

Ever since I have lived in Houston, I have not encountered an incident where I have been treated in an overtly hostile manner because of my race. We have not had the social unrest experienced by many other cities.

I tell people that Houston is a moderately progressive, global city, extremely diverse in terms of its cultures, religions, and origins of its residents. It is not the most scenic or glamorous place to be, but it does feel like home.

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