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That there be no other practical and less harmful means of preventing it. An imbecile or an insane person, unless the latter has acted during a lucid interval. Whenever more than three armed malefactors shall have acted together in the commission of an offense, it shall be deemed to have been committed by a band. That the crime be committed on the occasion of a conflagration, shipwreck, earthquake, epidemic or other calamity or misfortune. That the crime be committed with the aid of armed men or persons who insure or afford impunity. The intoxication of the offender shall be taken into consideration as a mitigating circumstances when the offender has committed a felony in a state of intoxication, if the same is not habitual or subsequent to the plan to commit said felony but when the intoxication is habitual or intentional, it shall be considered as an aggravating circumstance.When the imbecile or an insane person has committed an act which the law defines as a felony (delito), the court shall order his confinement in one of the hospitals or asylums established for persons thus afflicted, which he shall not be permitted to leave without first obtaining the permission of the same court. Title Two PERSONS CRIMINALLY LIABLE FOR FELONIES Article 16. - The following are criminally liable for grave and less grave felonies: 1.

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If the detention prisoner does not agree to abide by the same disciplinary rules imposed upon convicted prisoners, he shall be credited in the service of his sentence with four-fifths of the time during which he has undergone preventive imprisonment. Whenever an accused has undergone preventive imprisonment for a period equal to or more than the possible maximum imprisonment of the offense charged to which he may be sentenced and his case is not yet terminated, he shall be released immediately without prejudice to the continuation of the trial thereof or the proceeding on appeal, if the same is under review. In case of temporary disqualification, such disqualification as is comprised in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article shall last during the term of the sentence. The loss of all rights to retirement pay or other pension for any office formerly held. Effect of the penalties of perpetual or temporary special disqualification.Should forge or counterfeit any coin or currency note of the Philippine Islands or obligations and securities issued by the Government of the Philippine Islands; 3.Should be liable for acts connected with the introduction into these islands of the obligations and securities mentioned in the presiding number; 4. 3815 (December 8, 1930) AN ACT REVISING THE PENAL CODE AND OTHER PENAL LAWS Preliminary Article - This law shall be known as "The Revised Penal Code." BOOK ONEGENERAL PROVISIONS REGARDING THE DATE OF ENFORCEMENT AND APPLICATION OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS CODE, AND REGARDING THE OFFENSES, THE PERSONS LIABLE AND THE PENALTIES Preliminary Title DATE OF EFFECTIVENESS AND APPLICATION OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS CODE Article 1. - This Code shall take effect on the first day of January, nineteen hundred and thirty-two. Should commit an offense while on a Philippine ship or airship 2. - Except as provided in the treaties and laws of preferential application, the provisions of this Code shall be enforced not only within the Philippine Archipelago, including its atmosphere, its interior waters and maritime zone, but also outside of its jurisdiction, against those who: 1.

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