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Flower petals are falling, the wind is blowing, the sun is shining through green leaves.Opening is insanely fresh and attractive, then it kind of calms down and the woody notes start to play. Some of the flowers come out as well and give it a "fresh out of the shower" feeling.It smells like amazing herbal shampoo or the lime&tea shower gel which I would love to have. The bottle is very pretty and the shade of green is perfect and suits the overall mood of this piece of art. The dry down is very very similar to Dolce&Gabbanz Light Blue, however eau fraîche is a bit more harsh...It has this exotic feeling to it, almost as if there was tiny hint of bamboo. I prefer light blue intense which gives me the same fresh vibe and scent but smoother and creamier...I must stop suffocating people with sweet perfumes when it's so hot (no one complained yet but I can imagine it is a pain). I haven't even waited for it to set down, instantly I put my curious nose, fell in love and I almost bought it just based on opening. And waiting has proven that after a while it is still amazing.To me it smells like lime with a hint of a dry green tea in the background (it is not present in notes but I just happen to have a lot of citrus tea on my shelves, so my brain makes an association). People are sitting under the trees and drinking tea with lime.chance eau fraiche walks the line between pretty and masculine incredibly is delicate and beautiful without being a wallflower.

lord have mercy if this works with your body chemistry (and i say this as someone that cannot wear d&g light blue) this is not one to be overlooked. this self-proclaimed lover of higher end woody "niche" has to eat her hat on this one. i don't even care how many people are wearing this or if i stand out from the crowd of "mass appeal" perfumes. I shall assume there is some vetiver in it until apprised definitively of the contrary. Another example of this dilemma is Petit Matin (Kurkdjian), but I donot maintain that there is vetiver in that one. Not entirely a review, but in the wake of reading a heated exchange of words regarding which fragrances belong to which genders in the review section of another Chanel fragrance, I wanted to share a small success in pushing perfumery beyond gendered marketing that involves Chance Eau Fraîche. He has only recently begun to accept his sexuality.

And now that I am indeed wearing it I do perceive that it is indeed an outstander of its genre. This past weekend, he visited me to celebrate his birthday.

Yes, it really does keep plucking at my olfactory attention and eliciting that "yes that's the proper stuff! Anticipating his visit, I told him I would go out and hand-pick some fragrance samples for him, since he knows my love of perfume, and choosing one for somebody is for me the most thoughtful thing I can do for a friend.

it makes me feel gorgeous and that alone is enough to justify my seemingly uncharacteristic adoration. Still, there is oakmoss in it, or whatever passes for oakmoss these days. I tested this over an unusually long period before I acquired it, nibbling at it for months of passing Chanel counters. He has been closeted his whole life, and I am the first and only person with whom he can really be himself.

I knew the first time I tried it that it was an outstanding summer meadows type fragrance, but it took me those months to be absolutely convinced that it is worth committing to. This means more to me than I think he or anybody knows.

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