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Finding cheap sex in Jakarta is kind of bizarro world compared to most places around Southeast Asia.

Generally the girly bars are the expensive option but you can find freelance prostitutes much cheaper.

The two cheapest sex clubs in Jakarta are Travel Hotel and Terminal 2 in Classic Hotel.

You will get a wristband when you head in and everything you buy (except for a girl) goes on the wristband.

Lots of guys wonder where to get cheap sex in Jakarta, and there are some places you can go for that.

There are many very sexy Indonesian girls here, but the prices can vary widely depending on where you go.

The price for sex at these clubs is 350k rupiah, which is under .

Factoring in the 50k minimum you must spend (the girl doesn’t count towards that) call it to have sex in a Jakarta girly bar.

They are not the same as your Thai Go Go bar or an Angeles City girly bar.Good luck finding cheaper girly bars anywhere in Southeast Asia.We just mentioned that the freelancers at Jakarta’s Blok M are not going to come cheaply.The US dollar trades at a rate of about 0 for 1.3 million rupiah, so keep that in mind when figures are talked about here.Many of the Indonesian girls at Blok M will start off negotiations at 1 million rupiah, and most will go down to around 700k. is quite expensive for a freelancer by SEA standards, and at nice hotel pick up bars like Bats girls will charge double that if not more.

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