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Geeks may have been at the bottom of the social food chain once upon a time.

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And If you try these new things, keep trying new things (because again, you have to put in the work every day to make a relationship), and you like them?

Think about how much better and cooler your life will be.

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I know that’s not quite the norm among “the straights”, but I think it’s going to become increasingly common. There’s no pressure placed on anyone by you doing that.(You should also be sure you’re out on a date and not just hanging out with a friend. If for some reason, you’re like me and have a vast library of Wonder Woman themed porn, you need to inform your partner. Finally, and this is why I’m even sharing all of this with you, if you are too much like your partner, later on when that partner changes their interests, that could spell the end of the relationship. But if you go out with someone “different enough”, you’ll avoid that problem.“Different enough” is defined here in that you two have some common ground together, but hold different interests.But with school days behind us, you’ll find it’s the geeks that get the girls (and boys) – and with good reason.15 good reasons, in fact: They’ll remember your favourite band, notice when you’ve got a new haircut and remind you when your car needs tax or your travel-card runs out.You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone exactly like you.It’s not that a relationship like that can’t work, it’s just not as likely. Remaining the same is not how we’re wired as humans.

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