German dating ettiquette

I did investigating and followed the trail of flies…to my roommate’s room. I don’t care what she does in her room, but this is affecting us all, the flies are already everywhere and I don’t want those ants to come our way next. That, and I feel like me and my boyfriend are constantly cleaning.

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Is this an ancient cat that can’t climb into the box? I am so sorry this is an ongoing problem in your home.Get together before you move into a place and hammer it out.For example (taking a glance at my inbox): We all come from different backgrounds and have different needs and assumptions about what’s okay in a shared living space.When it comes to everyday stuff, I need you to wipe off all kitchen surfaces every time you use them and make sure stuff like hair from your hairbrush and trash actually makes it into the trash can.We also need to make a rotating schedule for cleaning the bathroom, washing floors, and doing other household chores. ” It won’t come naturally and you’ll have to do some follow-up conversations.

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