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Are all the Debian installations time-shifting until their admins install .The default install, without any tasks, is fairly minimal.Here's the easiest way to make sure the data you want is showing up on your Apple Watch.Like with weather, your Apple Watch uses your i Phone's data to display your various world clocks.

Because my Weather app is already configured, you can see that I have Portland, Oregon automatically displaying as the hometown.

Normally, this tile should display the current temperature with a snapshot of the upcoming forecast that’s updated every few minutes–as shown above.

RELATED: However, users on the official Windows 10 forum have reported that sometimes, after resizing the Weather app on their Start menu, the icon stops showing live updates, even with repeated restarts.

We’ll be sure to amend this article if a hotfix is ever released.

Whether or not the Live Tile is functioning the way it should, the Windows Weather app can still be a good way to keep tabs on what’s happening with sunny skies or approaching storms in your area from the comfort of your own desktop.

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