Gossip girl stars dating each other

Fans thought their epic romance would never end, but the two celebs broke up after three years, in 2006, continuing to work together until the show's finale in 2007. Allegedly, she wanted to settle down, but Pacino wasn't ready at the time, so they split up.

Still, they worked together for about 20 years, having to continue their professional relationship while their personal one remained rocky., and the two were even rumored to be engaged before the actress called it quits (allegedly by "ghosting" him) in June 2015.

After graduating from high school he enrolled in Pepperdine University and studied advertising, business and communications.

It wasn't until his sophomore year that his mother encouraged him to give acting a shot.

The former co-stars wed in 2005 only to separate a short five months later.

After the split, the former couple continued to work together on the show until the series finale in 2012.

One of the questions Blake responded to was one from a fan asking about her rumored feud with Leighton! premiered in 2007 and ended its run in 2012, but throughout the years of filming there were rumors of a feud between the two female leads, Blake and Leighton.

The two never really commented about the alleged feud, but now Blake’s responding to the rumors!

A decade ago this fall, just as social media was fracturing pop culture into a million pieces, a pair of sophomore show-runners, a start-up network, and a cast of barely of-age millennials aligned to capture one last old-fashioned teenage zeitgeist.During an appearance on and just as their characters fell in love on screen, a romance started to form in real life.Sadly, the pair ended things before the movie officially premiere but continued to work together to promote the movie. Here, 21 celebrity couples who've broken up yet had to continue to work together., Bilson and Brody's professional relationship turned intimate. But unfortunately for those in the acting world, the show really, actually must go on, even when it entails making out with your ex on camera.

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