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Other relevant information includes site membership data – VIP membership status, browser information, item payment information and their IP addresses.The database holders have stated that they were able to crack 99% of all passwords that are stored in the sets.Security checks verify that the data sets belong to actual users.The company has confirmed that the site was vulnerable to security exploits however they did not state that a breach has occurred.

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The three largest data sets include information such as usernames, email addresses, date of the last visit and their passwords which were stored in plaintext or scrambled with SHA-1 hashing which is not deemed secure.The breach has occurred after a security researcher known as Revolver had disclosed a software vulnerability due to a local file flaw.This is probably the reason the attackers have gained access to the servers.So even if you used the site at some point in the past, that data has been stolen.The data dump includes 340 million Adult Friend Finder accounts, 63 million accounts, 7 million accounts, and more than one million for each and i It’s not clear who stole the data and for what purpose.

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