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Hula Hooping for Beginners Advanced Hula Hooping Community Q&A Hula hooping is not only a great workout for your abs, but it's a great way to have fun and impress your friends.

To be an expert hula hooper, all you need is to practice and to improve your coordination.

I can remember songs from my youth to this day still because of games like this one.

What kid doesn’t want to see their pastor or leader shave their head? Challenge your kids to memorize a specific memory verse one week.

I like to use my Real Techniques Blusher Brush to start subtly and build up the colour (it’s easier to add than take away, right!

Then move your waist so that you’re pushing on the part of the hoop that’s touching you.

The ligploss is also very pretty adding a natural brownish hint to my lips (I’m wearing it in the photographs above).

Growing up in church was an amazing experience for me and still is.

If every child can recite the verse back to you the next time you meet, then they get to enjoy watching you get your head shaved. Proverbs 3:5 is a good one, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Kids love to participate while they are in the crowd.

Pick out a scene from the Bible that you can involve the kids in.

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