Hostile and intimidating

Your employer should have other ways for you to report the harassing conduct.

You may be able to report the incidents to your employer’s human resources department, your manager’s manager, or a manager of a different department.

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Provide a clear, sensible way for employees to report an incident and help them follow through.It comes in a variety of forms, from sexual harassment to passing around offensive cartoons.The behavior can come from other employees, vendors or even bosses.If employees suffering through harassment don’t complain, the harasser may interpret this as a sign the behavior is not a problem or that the victim is not offended.Many employees who fail to report harassment fear they will lose their job, they won’t be taken seriously, they will be blamed, or some form of retaliation. Attorneys at Spiggle Law have helped many individuals recover when employers have discriminated against them by subjecting them to harassment and for trying to stand up for their rights.

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