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Then I removed the bar, moved the pegs to the lowest setting and re-racked the bar for incline tricep push-ups.I struggle with tricep push-ups so incline helps me keep good form.It is done by pressing the Interact button (F by default) on the PC, R2 on the PS3 and RB on the Xbox 360.

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Once I got my bar on the peg, I added plates and safety clips. Then I slid the bench under the bar for my first exercise: incline chest press.

I pick my corner (or bench if I’m lucky), grab my dumbbells or kettlebell and do my workout.

Sometimes I’m crazy and use the cables or machines but, for the most part, I stick to what I know. I think of myself as a novice in the weight room and while I do know the basics, those huge machines, plates and barbells sometimes make me want to run the opposite direction (or just go running instead of lifting at all).

Perhaps you are dealing with a domineering boss or have a classmate who can be a bit of a bully.

Though ignoring them might seem like the easiest way out, we often have to speak to the people who we most want to avoid.

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