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The oral exercises iv PREFACE are not intended to be exhaustive, but rather suggestive for further drill along the same line, as the authors attach the very greatest importance to this method of teaching.

In the use of the exercises teachers will naturally be guided by their own judgment and the character of their classes, but, in the opinion of the authors, it will be found advantageous first of all to practise very thoroughly the German and oral portions, and afterwards pass on to the translation of the English and to elementary composition. PREFACE This book is intended to serve as a guide to the use of the spoken and written German of the present day, and makes no claim to be a compendium of all forms and usages in either speech or literature. The exercises have been made continuous, wherever it was found practicable to do so, and are constructed on the same general plan as those in the elementary part of Fraser and Squair's French Grammar. The elementary statements of grammatical theory in the earlier part of the book have been supplemented and summarized in the more advanced lessons, thus enabling the learner to review and amplify the knowledge previously acquired in detail. ERASER OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO AUTHORIZED BY THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION FOR ONTARIO TORONTO THE COPP CLARK COMPANY LIMITED Copyright, Canada, by Tub Copp, Clark Company, Limited, Toronto, Ontario. The grammatical material has been arranged with a view to its convenient use in the exercises, and with the object of facilitating the rapid acquisition of a reading knowledge of the language.

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