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Social networking websites are mediums that allow shy people to approach and make friends with others.Recently, through the main stream media, there are more reports of scammers from foreign countries who target Singaporean ladies.But Mr Tan said it is getting harder to spot victims as scammers coach them on how to answer the questions. SINGAPORE: Internet dating scams have tripled in Singapore last year and online romeos swindled single Singaporeans to the tune of SGD 2.3 million, raising concern among authorities about increasing rate of commercial crime.Social networking websites refer to websites such as Facebook and My Space, which allows friends to link up together via the internet.Many couples have started dating after knowing each other through such websites.They will pretend to be detained by the immigrant officers for under-declare the amount of money they have brought along.

Pamphlets and posters highlighting their experiences will be distributed and put up at Western Union's 12 outlets in Singapore.

The Singapore police force has clearly reminded everyone that the authorities in Singapore do not accept any bank transfer of money for bail or fine.

If you have been befriended online by an attractive person – usually foreign – who then tells a tale of falling into trouble or on hard times, this is probably an Internet love scam.

Although, the overall crime rate in the city state was at the lowest level in 20 years in 2011, an increase in commercial crime was a matter of concern for the authorities, a media report said today.

Tough police action have helped reduce the level of crimes especially murder, robbery and violently damaging properties, said the reports, citing police.

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