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Thus we conclude that the workings of inspiration and miraculous signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit did not suddenly cease when Rome destroyed the temple in Jerusalem.Next, we’ll examine the evidence which helps to determine whether the Revelation was written before or after 70 AD. John records Jesus addressing seven churches in Revelation 1 thru 3.If Revelation were about the destruction of Jerusalem and was written prior to AD 70, then why did Jesus not address the Jerusalem church which was in existence up to the siege of Jerusalem immediately prior to its destruction? At the writing of the book of Revelation, Ephesus had left her first love.Paul wrote his epistle to Ephesus about 58 to 60 AD. Irenaeus also provides the first explicit witness to a four-fold gospel canon. 3.3.3), although it seems from remarks Irenaeus makes in the prefaces to Haer. Pfaff published in 1715, allegedly from manuscripts in Turin, were proved to be forgeries by A. There is an effort to bring the Latin text of Irenaeus online, requesting volunteers to help with proofreading. His work is invaluable to modern scholarship in the attempt to recover the content of Gnostic teachings in the second century. There is also a fragment of a letter sent by Irenaeus to Pope Victor preserved in Syriac that is generally accepted as authentic.

The late dating, ‘de-Judaizing’ of the text, and Patristic interpretations, points to the existence of antisemitism/anti-Judaism within the ranks of the ‘faithful’ hierarchy, who determined who would rule the new dominant faith, what adherents would be taught, and who was not to be included among its ranks – practicing Messianic Jews.

First we’ll deal conclusively with the belief that all divine inspiration ended in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem.

To answer this we can look to the seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel as recorded in chapter 9, verses 25-27. (NKJV) The covenant in Daniel’s vision here can be nothing but the new covenant.

This means the confirmation period must have extended beyond the ending of sacrifice in order to be true.

Inspiration specifically pointed out that the ending of this sacrifice happened in the middle of the confirmation period of the new covenant.

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