Is cameron diaz still dating justin timberlake most popular dating in ukraine

That's why a few months ago, we were shocked to hear that there are rumors the pair may be on the outs, with Biel's absence from Timberlake's appearances on the American Music Awards and Saturday Night Live late last year as one piece of "evidence." While those claims seemed to be pretty crazy, we're still curious if Biel will be by Timberlake's side at Thursday's i Heart Radio Music Awards, where he's nominated in five categories, including "Artist of the Year."Whether Biel shows up at the awards ceremony or not, we're certainly hoping all's well with the couple whom we feel like we've known for ages (celebrity culture is weird that way).

Timberlake and Biel have known each other for ages: though they have only been married for two years, their relationship began many years ago.

Later on, Timberlake dated Cameron Diaz for over three years. She dated Chris Evans on-and-off for five years, long before his days. For reference, both she and Timberlake were in their late teens and early twenties during these relationships, almost equivalent to being college sweethearts.

That being said, it's easy to feel like their love story is a mystery. Obviously, although their relationship is basically decades-old in Hollywood years, both had relatively famous significant others before meeting each other.Justin Timberlake makes a much-anticipated return to the Super Bowl halftime slot on Feb.4, likely trying to rectify the reputation he gained thanks to his risque 2004 Super Bowl performance with Janet Jackson.Biel was spotted with Timberlake all over Europe during his 2007 world tour.In 2008, they appeared together at a rally to support Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

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