Is joe jones dating

"It is Chicago…" is a line from a great Soul Coughing song.

It's also all you need to know about the set of songs and stories from Rickie's Chicago performance now on MP3. Uncharacteristically, Rickie launches into detailed storytelling, offering poetic backgrounds to the songs that fans have come to love.

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The New York show sent the critics and fans into paroxysms of delight.In 1992, Rickie performed before an intimate audience, singing the songs that she loves from her collection, as well as some of the standards that influenced her singing style, and a superb rendition of her father's song, The Moon is Made of Gold.A treat for fans of both Rickie and Joe Jackson (see video of Show Biz Kids now available on this site)., the 24-year-old speaks frankly about spending his teenage years in a band backed by one of the biggest corporations in the world - and it makes for fascinating reading.Digital Spy has picked out 14 of the most shocking and surprising bits of Joe's confession, from having his beard banned by Disney to his angry split from siblings Nick and Kevin, via smoking weed with Miley Cyrus.

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