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One of the more popular Google search terms for the blog is "Chip Coffey Fake" but this one was even more interesting: "Chip Coffey Butt Flap."Like every other show in the reality programming field you gotta give the viewers something big to get those ratings.

PRS/Paranormal State and a whole slate of para-celebs are about to give it to them in this hour-long episode.

Even worse, the message Bill so much wanted to get out to the public – that his death was an accident – was never told.

That part of the show was left on the cutting room floor.

Quoting an HPA agency member, BBC News reports: If commercial fish pedicures are banned, the UK would be following the lead of 14 U. And their position is buffered by the little fact that there are as yet no known cases—at least to the HPA’s knowledge—of fish-spa-induced infections in the UK.

We're back with part 2 of our report on the fakery and deceptions by PRS and the fake para-celebs who tagged along hoping to fatten their wallets, gain better name recognition within the paranormal entertainment industry, and spread more lies about demons and exorcisms.

One more thing that made me scratch my head the other day as I was looking at traffic sources for visitors to the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL.

While reading this story, I couldn’t help but scratch my head.

First of all, a psychic whose business is dabbling in the occult should not be surprised when her home is inhabited by more than just her husband and friendly neighborhood “spirit guide.” She’s inviting demons of all shapes and sizes into her life, which will only get worse over time unless she gets serious, stops pretending they’re her imaginary friends and repents.

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