Is the government mandating dating perfection oil heaters

No sooner had legalized gay marriage become a widespread phenomenon, for instance, than the Left went about making it mandatory.

So long as something is pleasing to liberal thought, it apparently must be compulsory.

This guarantees a person’s lawful right to attend public meetings and have access to public data. cities have jumped on the open data bandwagon already, Green said 2015 is ripe to have a lot of mid-size cities and counties follow suit and take the leap.

“The voters decided the state public records law is something all municipalities will have to adhere to,” Green said. While she couldn’t name specific local governments, Green anticipates that the growing number of public records requests will spur leaders to consider formal open data policies.

Alisha Green, policy associate for the Sunlight Foundation, said Ohio is of particular interest, due to “a lot of excitement” concerning open data around the state in 2014.

The Left’s desire to coerce, force, and mandate is not merely insatiable but seemingly infinite­—the end result of progressivism is not simply more government for something but all government for everything.

“Beyond the open data, it’s just helpful to have tracking of the information that people are requesting and having it public so …

we can actually be responsive to the overall requests we’re seeing as a city,” Kallos said.

to talk about the “food system” in such a way exposes it for the ridiculous concept it really is.

There is no “food system,” not in the sense of a truly unified body of fully interdependent constituent parts: the “food system” is actually composed of millions of individuals acting privately and voluntarily, in different cities, counties, and states, as part of different companies and corporations and individual businesses, in elective concert with each other and with the rest of the world.

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