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Harris delivered the information in response to a question from government professor Harvey C.Mansfield ’53 at the monthly meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.“A little bird has told me that the most frequently given grade at Harvard College right now is an A-,” Mansfield said during the meeting’s question period.The name Ivybridge is derived from a small 13th century hump-backed bridge of the same name.Apart from swimming, it was the only means of crossing the river until the 1830s although plans were put forward in 1819.Stowford Paper Mill was built in 1787 and rebuilt again in the 1860s with extensive investment.

Schiefsky, who was in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting, said he was surprised by how high the median grade was.“I don’t know what should be done about it, but it seems to me troubling,” Schiefsky said.One of the mills, 'Glanville's Mill' (a corn mill), was situated where many of the town's shops are today and gives its name to the shopping centre.In the 1830s the Ivy Bridge lost its position as the only means of crossing the river when the 'New Bridge' was built joining Fore Street and Exeter Road. Throughout the 1980s and '90s it underwent a period of rapid growth and was noted as the fastest growing town in Europe, perhaps due to the A38 road by-pass.In 2001, FAS’s Educational Policy Committee labeled grade inflation “a serious problem” at the College after a report in the Boston Globe labeled the College’s grading practices “the laughing stock of the Ivy League.” Despite disagreements on the nature of the problem, the faculty responded in 2002 by moving the College from a 15-point grading system to a more conventional 4.0 scale grading system and capping the number of honors graduate at 60 percent of the class.The Globe had reported that in 2001, 91 percent of Harvard students graduated with honors, and that about half of all awarded grades were in the A-range.

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