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Dial accuracy was a difficult problem to solve and required tight specifications on many of the components used in each receiver.

The tuning condenser drive used a spring-loaded split-gear driven by a spring-preloaded worm gear eliminating any backlash.

By providing absolutely the best low noise front-end resulting in high sensitivity coupled with an incredibly well-designed tuning system along with tremendous bandspread capability, giving the user the ultimate advantage when it came to working rare DX or coping with challenging band conditions. Rogers, April 2007 The HRO design owes much to its predecessor, the AGS receiver.

The AGS was developed to fulfill a contract with the Department of Commerce for modern receivers for airports in 1932.

At nearly 0, these receivers were for affluent enthusiasts and very few were sold.

By 1934, AGS coils for 10 meter operation were being offered.

Additionally, the Type-N dial was beginning to slip on these receivers as the lubrication dried up on the rack and pinion drive to the tuning condensers.

A redesigned AGS appeared for commercial users, designated the AGU, featuring a coil assembly that carried all three coils as a unit for easy band changing.

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and a few of his technicians to develop the new receiver circuitry.Double shielding would be used on the coils for frequency stability and the coil set would be located at the bottom of the receiver, away from heat.For the additional ham market, a bandspread option on the plug-in coils that had been popular with the SW-3, FB-7 and the AGS and would be continued with the HRO - National was not going to exclude the very profitable ham market.By late 1933, the ham version of the AGS, the Single Signal AGS-X, made its appearance.The AGS-X had a crystal filter, amateur bandspread coils (optional) and a front panel adjustable BFO.

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