She was rubbing her tits and ass against them and laughing.

And she was apparently not embarrassed of doing this in front of the customers of the bar.

She is tall with an athletic figure, large shoulders, small waist, large hips and a wonderful round butt. Even at her age, when she wears this stretch black dress, she is a walking fantasy of a lot of young men. After arriving at the resort and having unpacked, we went to have a drink at the bar.

While observing the arriving tourists, we noticed a woman, in her forties who was teasing a couple of tall, muscular and athletic black guys with absolutely no shame and in front of her husband who was smiling, embarrassed.

We said yes and I sarcastically asked her if this was some sort of local habit with tourists or what.

We learned that she was from Quebec and started to speak in french.

I noticed that her breath accelerated and I presumed her heartbeat as well.

My wife loves to suck and usually sucks me very often.

I think that what made our minds was the fact that the lady mentioned "the most extraordinary and intense sexual experience of her life".

She told us they were controlled for diseases on a monthly basis and that it would be up to us if they should use or not any protection.

My wife said, even before I could say something, that she will take the risk. She told my wife that these guys would make love to her for at least 4 to 5 hours and, each of them, cum several times in or on her.

I wanted to offer this to my wife even if I did not believe it would be so extraordinary and if I had to swallow my pride (I didn't know at that time that I would swallow more than that). She would choose to use it another time by picking one of the black men that she preferred.

When we met, the lady explained us that among other services offers she was providing for a fixed price (3'000 US$) what she called a Dice Bang. Then the lady provided my wife with some advices and information that I would have gladly learned before all this started.

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