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An enraged Mac has Trish brought out as a hostage to force him to take the payout.

He reveals to Isaak that the "gang war" was a ruse he and Ch'u concocted to cover their murder and intimidation of businessmen who refused to sign away their properties, and he also killed Colin. Roth flees to the rooftop and escapes via helicopter but Mac shoots Roth's briefcase out of his hand, sending the deeds flying to the winds.

The two visit one of the remaining businesses on Po's list but the Chinese owner and his employees have been killed.

Mac reveals that it was Kai who killed Po, and is about to shoot Han when Trish shoots and kills Mac first.At a remote location, Han escapes by overpowering Mac's henchmen and forces Maurice to divulge where Trish was taken.Meanwhile, Ch’u has his fellow crime lords killed to sell their properties and keep the money to himself.That night, someone kills Colin and his girlfriend by throwing them out of his high rise apartment.As Han comforts Trish, he learns that Po wanted to show Colin a list of businesses that were either destroyed or being threatened for failing to sell their properties.

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