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Short for 행복하십시오, this phrase just means “let’s be happy!

” You can use it to suggest to others to cheer up and be happy while at the same time sounding cool!

However, in this case the words do not literally mean pushing and pulling as in a tug of war or a door. Another shortened phrase, 만렙 is a combination of 만 (10, 000) and 레벨 (level).

This slang word refers to the flaky actions people take in romantic relationships, “playing games” with each other where one minute they’re hot and the next they’re cold. Short for 맛있는 점심, this word simply describes a “delicious lunch.” Want to describe a delicious dinner and sound cool doing so? Have you ever played an RPG or strategy game like World of Warcraft where your character increases in level after making certain achievements?

It is used instead of just ㅋㅋㅋ to show you 빵터지다 is a slang verb that means “to laugh really loud” with the emphasis being on the LOUD part!

터지다 usually means “to burst” and 빵 is the sound a gun or bomb makes!

Not good at tennis and want to let your partner know before the match starts?

Let them know you’re 쪼렙 and you’ll be sure to get a laugh.

Learning some Korean slang is a great way to boost your Korean skills.

This phrase refers to someone who is a master or something, and their level is so good it is like they have achieved the maximum level in a game!

But don’t worry, you can use this phrase for anything — someone who is good at lifting weights, building things, or studying (not only games)! There are the masters, and then there are the beginners, or the “newbs.” This word is a slightly altered version of 쪼그만한 레벨, meaning a small or low level.

You’re almost certain to see some surprised looks, as well as hear “where did you learn that?!

” Some warning: the slang in this article is in Hangul, the Korean alphabet.

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