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Finding an Item Selecting an Item Finding a Similar Item Deleting an Unwanted Item Printing a Database Table Exporting a Database Table Importing into a Database Table Updating a Database Table Finding the Maximum Efficiency Point of a Motor Gearing and Propping for Maximum Efficiency Gearing for Maximum Thrust Choosing an Alternate Motor Making Use of the Color Coding Frequently Asked Questions Moto Calc is a Simulator All Propellers are not Created Equal Motor Characteristics can Vary Static Thrust can be Misleading Consider the Pitch Speed Catalog Data can be Sloppy All Ducted Fans are not Created Equal Motor Temperature Estimates are Only a Guide Free 30-day Evaluation Why Register?

How to Register Registering the CD Version Registering the Evaluation Version If You Can't Print the Registration Form If You Don't Want to Register If You Lose Your Registration Using Moto Calc on More than One Computer Moto Calc is a program for predicting the performance of an electric model aircraft power system, based on the characteristics of the motor, battery, gearbox, propeller or ducted fan, and speed control.

And if you don't know the aerodynamic characteristics of your plane, Moto Calc's lift and drag coefficient estimator will make short work of determining them.

Based on the information in the in-flight analysis and Mot Opinion report, you may wish to revise or refine your power system.

One way to do this is to return to the Moto Wizard (select Moto Wizard...

To reduce the amount of information you have to deal with, Moto Calc comes with a database of motors, cell types, gearboxes and propellers, speed controls, and filters.

For example, the database contains over 3100 motors (including the Actro, Astro, Aveox, AXI, Graupner, Hacker, Jeti, Kontronik, Kyosho, Max Cim, Plettenberg, Scorpion, and Turnigy lines), and 250 different cell types.

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