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But with Wal-Mart about 5 miles North over the Missouri line and everything Bentonville/Rogers has to offer just to the South, we have all we need without messing up our Beautiful Natural City with commercial property.We're a city of 25,000 folks, but spread out over 50 sq acres with a goodly portion of it through the forests of the Ozark Hills, you'd never know it.There is a hotel by the Wal-mart just a couple of miles N. There are also hotels in Bentonville and Rogers (10 miles S. Bella Vista/Rogers is where most Bella Vistians go to for medical (hospitals), dining (all the major chain restaurants like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Chen's, Panaera Bread, Chipolte, IHop, Ruby Tuesday's, Red Robins, Etc), Shopping (All your major chain stores, Coles, Pennys, Dillards, Lowes, Sam's Club, Bass Pro, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cabella's, Burlington Coat Factory, etc), Entertainment (Crystal Bridges American Art Museum, Malco Metroplex Theaters, The Amazium, American Indian Museum..).Bella Vista itself has a few restaurants, a couple really good Grocery Stores and limited other shopping.I also thought I read that Hot Springs had changed there status from 55 to an all age community. It was close to Walmart's home office in Bentonville, and with the golf courses and lakes and other amenities, as well as the cost of housing, Bella Vista looked inviting, even if it were full of seniors, so the demographics began to change.In 2006 the people of Bella Vista voted to incorporate into the City of Bella Vista, which brought even more younger families into the area.

Click here for WJZ news stories Contact us with your tips, questions, comments & concerns!It's so scary to think about moving by myself to a brand new community, but B. I did want to ask you - have they made much headway on the westside by-pass? I know you are married, but I wonder where I could locate some older singles to talk to who have moved to B/Vista?Do you think maybe the POA could possibly put me in touch with some?But where in a city full of entertainment do you take your Mom?While Baltimore may be a bustling city, there are a few special places Mom is sure to love, and which you, yourself might enjoy.

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