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Davison's army colleagues teased him about being in charge of a 'Disposal' unit, assuming it was a cleaning brigade of some sort.

He certainly couldn't correct them by explaining his real job.

It consisted of rows and rows of figures, from which you added or subtracted numbers according to the instructions you were given.' Maeve and her husband were being trained to help them, in turn, train spies.

They were part of 'Operation Valuable', one of the earliest Cold War attempts to overthrow the communist regime in Albania by training undercover insurgents.

The isolated fort at which they worked was in the mountains, and the couple would travel from their home daily to the location - taking care to keep the true nature of their work secret.

He had been part of a special operations unit called 'V Force'.

Maeve recalled with laughter how she accidentally 'outed' one of her own agents to her own bosses - and sparked a diplomatic row.

'Our man in Athens requested 100 gold coins be sent to him,' Maeve said.

had visited her quiet grandmother Maeve - mother of singer Chris de Burgh - in her home at Wexford's Bargy Castle to gently admonish her, 'You never told me!

' 'You never asked,' Maeve had replied, to the bemusement of thousands of TV viewers.

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