Mccormick spice dating

Many folks collect antique spice bottles and tins, so you may have luck pawning it off at a local antiques store or selling it at your next garage sale.

It may be wise to buy spices in bulk (in small or larger quantities) to save a few bucks, cut back on packaging waste, but you will have to face the "I only use cloves once a year but have a giant bottle" dilemma.

My teenage son has started to call me the "spice hoarder," and my husband won't even get near the cabinet. the cabinet is a mess and even I have trouble navigating it.)The thing is, I've never known when it's appropriate to throw spices away.

Need mustard seed for a recipe but don't think you'll use it again?

Buy just a few tablespoons in bulk instead of an entire bottle that costs upwards of (spices aren't cheap). I found that I was using it frequently so I stopped by a local Middle Eastern grocery and purchased some in bulk — more than what I'd been getting in an average bottle — for a much lower price.

It won't do any good taking up real estate in that congested spice cabinet of yours.

If a spice is really old, you may not want to throw the packaging away.

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