Methodist beliefs about interracial dating

The evangelical cult-watch group "Watchman Fellowship" says the following by way of "A Christian Response": "Because of acupuncture's origins, many Christians may be more comfortable choosing an alternative treatment.

It should be noted, however, that some reputable medical doctors reject the Taoist theories of acupuncture and have developed psychological theories that may justify its practice.” Christians who are considering acupuncture treatment should note that even the Western physicians who do accept a limited use of acupuncture as a pain killer or anesthetic almost always see it as a temporary treatment for symptoms and not a cure.

ANSWER: In February 1996, our Synod's Commission on Theology and Church Relations adopted a report titled The document stops short of saying that every form of gambling is in and of itself contrary to the Word of God and therefore sinful.

Read former Synod President Barry's statement on legalized gambling.

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Our congregation often invites Gideon representatives to give formal presentations during our worship service.

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Return to Contemporary Issues FAQs | Return to main menu QUESTION: A friend of mine insists Christmas trees are pagan and false idols because of Scripture in Jeremiah 10. ANSWER: In response to your friend's concerns about idolatry, it must be emphasized that the warnings contained in Jeremiah 10 (and similar passages) have to do with "worshipping" physical objects as "gods" and seeking help and guidance from these false idols.

Pastor Winker indicates that although "there is evidence that acupuncture does act as an analgesic in reducing the sensation of pain," "the best advice is to avoid involvement with any practice that might lead to occultic influence" (168).

In reading evaluations of the practice from a Christian perspective, we too have discovered some uncertainty regarding what precisely we as Christians can or should say about it.

13:4; Acts ; and "Whereas, The Lutheran Confessions support capital punishment: "Therefore neither God nor the government is included in this commandment, yet their right to take human life is not abrogated.

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