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It was not far, about a twenty minute drive, but it would only take me ten to drive back to my house from there.

I stopped at a stop light and went to turn on the radio when she finally spoke.

She smiled and took off her glasses and put them in her purse.

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Cannot just leave my post and wander into another section and chat her up. It was my lucky day when I was outside on my break sitting on one of the benches by the back doors. “Sure sit down take a load off” As I watched her hop up on the bench and open a lunch bag and take out an apple. “It makes me feel like a freak when people stare” she growled.

When I came back from the basement she was leaning on the wall beside the bedroom in the towel.

It was the first time she saw my eight inch long cock.

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I am in the call center part of the building which is on the floor below the administration offices. I have never thought about a dwarf this way but there is just something smolderingly sexy about her.

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