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He advised on creating websites and buzz around the world for our specialized products. My female wound was being pierced and stabbed repeatedly by the large blunt instrument that is my man's cock.

This success led to the advent of computer-enhanced teaching in our schools. I pray for sweet release from this undeniably forceful tension in my soul and body even as I ache for another powerful thrusting lance into my meat chamber.

The pleasure on my face was undeniable and I came hard in my pussy and ass in front of them all. Something I will never forget or the entire town will never forget either. Before we left to return to school Richard and I made assessments as to what was greatly needed in my town that we could help facilitate. It was a complete turnabout for Richard, who changed his major from Chemistry to Internet Entrepreneurship. By that time I had taught Richard much of our language and he spoke rather fluently. We came back with a business plan to bolster the town's economy as well as our own.

I dreamed of Richard's cum coating the walls of my pussy and I kept wanting more and more of my man's cock sliding around inside me. But that is another dirty story for another dirty time . As I worked as a teacher Richard would hire himself out as a business consultant specializing in internet entrepreneurship and innovative business strategies.

We believe computers and the internet is changing our society for the better. Two companies built plants in the outskirts of our town and employ many of our citizens. He licks it off and slams as hard as he can into my throbbing cunt. Nothing feels better than to feel mi culo get stretched and massaged on the inside by my man's swelled penis!

It became a goal for every citizen to have computer access. Our quality of life continues to improve and more men are hearing about our town and coming to visit. Because of the level of our success and the enjoyment we derive from being of service to others Richard and I have decided to forego the bearing of children until a future date. I want my career to flourish unabated until it reaches a plateau. That is why my asshole craves Richard's loving attentions.

I guided Richard's cock between her juglike orbs and worked it back and forth as mom smiled gratefully. The moans and screams that rang throughout la noche testified to his manly prowess.

This was contractually agreed upon so nothing was underhanded. My nipples are jutting out like truncated antenna as my tits shake with every frantic thrust of cock.But for the guys who pass the test the relationships tend to either burn out quickly, due to sheer exhaustion or last forever, because when a guy fucks the whole family he tends to never leave for other women. We do our best to seduce them to stay, especially if they show to have positive potential for our village, not just as sex partners and breeders but as business people, teachers or other valuable community contributors. He was loyal and sensitive to my needs and desires as well as willing to be monogamous and give me babies. I'm plump with big tits and nipples, a slightly rounded belly and a fat panoche which I wiggle when I walk. I brought him in on my lezzie sex sessions as a voyeur as I liked to fuck while he watched. Richard showed me that he does and nothing was too dirty for him where it involved me.Recently, I returned home from University in America with my new fiance, Richard. If we married in America I could get a permanent green card but I wanted my family to meet him first. A tall skinny guy with glasses who loves science and philosophy and art. But I have an hourglass figure that, in a tiny string bikini, shows lots of my hairy camel-toe. When I realized how truly smart and nice he was, although he was very shy, I began to show him my sexy body. I became so sexually obsessed and desirous of orgasmic pleasure that I began seeking out other partners. I played with my titties, pussy, and asshole constantly in his presence. And the experience of having his warm and slightly salty cum on my lips was my dream cum true. Without a doubt I knew all the women in my family would feel about him as I did and he could handle the task of sexually satisfying all five of us.He trims his pubic hair so his cock seems monstrous! Afterward he with a couple of long and large dildos.They all oohed and aahed as they watched me take them both in. Three years later, upon our graduation we returned permanently to my village.

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