Modeling and validating distributed embedded real time systems with vdm sex dating in sharpsburg maryland

Furthermore at user given print request, system snatches, transfers and saves processed information in the database with the help of an intermediate server system. Designing and implementing a distributed real time embedded system involving any kind of software and hardware is always a challenging task for the designers and developers.

In return user will get printed document and print information status will be extracted and saved.

Use case is the specific textual and visual method of presenting software application’s functionalities comprising all ways of user system interactions[14], consisting of two main symbolic notations i.e. In most of the cases actor is either user or system itself as a remote actor and activity is the event triggered by the system in response to the request by actor for some action.

The designed use case diagram (Figure 3) of PCM System describes the user system interaction (Table 2) which consists of a User (actor), four direct activities: Login System, Open Document, Print Request and Printed Document, and two indirect associated activities: Printer/Plotter and Print Information.

Adobe PDF engine used to convert files of different formats e.g. The job of server module is to receive sent data by the client module from user machine(s) and then save that in database management system located at the database server.

The admin module (Figure 2) is the developed graphical user interface (GUI)[25],[26],[27] which allows user to connect to the database server to get server saved data and perform data manipulation operations.

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