Most intimidating chants

So how is this kind of behaviour allowed to persist?

I work as a sports reporter for the and it’s when I’m reporting on football that I feel my ‘otherness’ most, even if it’s something as well meaning as a manager in a conference saying, “Hope you don’t mind my bad language, love.” Thankfully, I’ve never received such a public humiliation as Gibson.“The entire lot of them, it seemed, were singing to the tune of ‘She’s a jolly good fellow’, but the words were ‘You’re never going to believe it, you’re never going to believe it, she takes it up the arse’.It was intimidating – I wanted the ground to swallow me up.Somewhere over the past few centuries, Latin became the "ominous" language.Maybe it's the fact that it's the language of a once mighty civilization that collapsed from over a thousand years ago.

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