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We're making the assumption that both have already decided to yank off their clothes while dashing madly to the bedroom. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this notion.

Check out the covers of romance novels in any bookstore, for example.

Whether someone is monogamous has less to do with sexual orientation than the nature of the individual you're involved with.

Bi men are attracted to the penis, an appendage they would love to convert into a vagina. Common statement: "He's not attracted to me, he's only attracted to my penis. She wonders if he will still be interested in her once she's had sexual reassignment surgery to convert that penis into a vagina. They are concerned that a bi guy will be sneaking around on her to meet with men. They are concerned that bisexual guys are more likely to contract STD's and HIV. They are seemingly unaware of how most of these men regard the prospect dating a girl who was born male, but nevertheless they still hope to fulfill the desire – shared with millions of GG's -- for a straight man. I'm speaking to the ladies here: The TS who keeps her transsexuality secret until significantly into a new relationship with a strictly heterosexual man is at high risk of being verbally abused and immediately dumped when that heterosexual man discovers the truth. Gay men have no sexual interest in women of any sort. Common statement by GG's: "He doesn't want me, he just wants the pussy." The point is, whether he's bi or straight, if all he wants is your genitals, it's genders.

If you feel the same way, great, and it would be useful to say so. If you find that you can't get aroused because of the sight of that dick, end the session.

Either get to know her better to lower your anxiety level, or say this isn't for you and terminate the relationship.

This is usually defined as serious foreplay: Stroking her breasts, butt, genital area, and so on. Stroking her vaginal lips won't release lubricating fluids as with a genetic female, but you can always apply some saliva your fingers to make them slide wetly along the plane of that pussy. In most cases, as with genetic females, it's an extremely sensitive spot.

This is one of the minefields mentioned in the opening paragraph. If you plan to insert your fingers, use an actual sexual lubricant.

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    Once you can accept this – that your Narcissist will never truly love you, you have taken the first step on your way to letting go.

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    Have a long talk about expectations, discipline, money, education and anything else you might deal with. You want your children to be happy in this new environment.

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