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A 2014 study by the Independent Commission For Aid Impact found: ‘Petty corruption touches virtually every aspect of life and is accepted throughout society as normal and necessary.We heard stories of parents paying bribes to teachers to educate their children, workers paying bribes to get jobs and receive their salaries, and pensioners paying bribes to receive pensions.’The Df ID says the money goes towards providing clean water, food, health and education to millions of vulnerable people and does not go to government officials.After some testing and analysis of the vulnerability, the Bitcoin ABC development team crafted a patch for the issue immediately.“Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1 fixes this problem,” explains the ABC teams incident report and the new software was forwarded to verified BCH miners.Researchers found teachers at subsidised schools frequently failed to turn up and children were left to play football all day.Corruption in Afghanistan goes right the way to the top – with former president Hamid Karzai himself apparently implicated.Pool mines blocks with Bitcoin Unlimited, and encourages the development of multiple Bitcoin Cash full node implementations, to keep the Bitcoin cash network resistant to bugs from a single implementation. “Bitcoin ABC is in discussions with industry participants to establish a formal bug bounty system,” the team emphasizes.

Transparency International, an international non-governmental organisation, ranks war-torn Afghanistan as the third worst country in the world for corruption, only better than North Korea and Somalia, while Nigeria is 32nd from bottom.

development team were notified of a vulnerability in the ABC 0.17.0 client by an unknown person(s).

According to developers, the flaw could have caused an unintended split in the Bitcoin Cash network.

Today, however, Ethiopic script is ubiquitous and is used in many applications including in our communication via text messages and on social media.

We were curious to find out when and how Ethiopic Script was introduced to modern computers, so we reached out to Ethiopian-American Engineer Fesseha Atlaw, founder of the first Ethiopic software company, Dashen Engineering, and an early pioneer of digitized Ethiopian script.

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