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As a general rule they should be about 50% of a taxi meter.Cyclos don’t exist in Thailand and so there is no comparison.It’s more a case of not knowing rather than not caring.Both have some very strange ideas regarding bagging your purchases.Recently I returned to Thailand on a brief business trip.

Both countries seem to have an uncanny inability to serve food to customers.

In a 7 eleven once in Bangkok I bought 6 litre cartons of orange juice and a copy of the Bangkok Post, the girl on the till put the orange juice in one bag and the newspaper in another! Thailand is legendary, there are more bars there than in Vietnam.

In the Circle K shops in Saigon they have a habit of putting drinking water bottles horizontal, making it impossible to get the handles to meet in order to carry them. Whilst Bangkok appears to be buzzing, Pattaya is truly exploding.

There are two types, the ones that simply drive round in circles and you pay 10THB.

Then there are the others who drive looking for customers and quote a fare.

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