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If anyone knows of Annie please contact me at [email protected] Spaetnh nee Wall Trying to locate any references (esp.Any information greatly appreciated...mob number 07513577403 email [email protected] Key Looking to find Annie Key, we joined on 7th April 1967.Served at RAF Stanbridge and Rhinedahlen in the Com Centre.If anyone can help in tracing this family I would be most grateful.regards Terrence Gorham John Young Does anyone have any info on John Young, I believe he was shot down three times during the war and survived, I also believe he left the RAF but then rejoined as an instructor and was in Aden for a time. I am doing this research for my partner who regarded him as her to/of my late brother in law C W Curtis at one time a Flying Officer and instructor with the RAF (Vampires), then test pilot with Ferranti, Edinburgh, 1959-64 (Meteor and Buccaneer) flying from West Freugh, SW Scotland. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.

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His girlfriend (my husbands mother) Bozenna Nagadowska was pregnant My husband is born shortly after this accident and never saw his father again because of the travel restrictions and the iron curtains period.

He was an American and he was with the medical profession as the station was an American hospital Many thanks Theresa Walker Robert Reid Allen Morrison Taylor Bell I am looking for Robert Reid Allen Morrison Taylor Bell (he always said his family believed in long names...) who was with the RAF in the 1960s. Sincerely, Carol (Harper) Wald [email protected] man called Taylor I'm looking for details of a man called Taylor He was a warrant officer stationed at Felixstowe, Suffolk around 1959/1962 and think he is probably deceased They moved as a family from the station in Felixstowe Suffolk to Canvey Island in Essex.

He was once stationed with the RAF in Cyprus then eventually transferred to Geilenkirchen, Germany around 1967 - 1968. The daughter Maureen probably married so now has a different surname but there is also a son, Maureen's younger brother, Robert.

My contact number is 07415059604 Also email is- [email protected] Regards Steve Hague Reginald Ron Ray (Rae) I am trying to find Reginald Ron Ray (Rae), a Scottish man who was in the RAF and based in Farnborough in the 1950's 1960's and possibly longer.

He was a pilot who was forced to retire after being injured in a motor cycle accident.

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