Office dating etiquette

I will collect money until next Wednesday and present gift cards to the teachers on Friday.

Last year we collected 700.00 and we’re on way this year with 200.00 collected so far.

The assumption is that they are not coming to the wedding and tracking them down can be viewed as manipulative or pushy.

On the other hand, too many of us have seen weddings where guests who did not RSVP and so catering and seating were decided based on the assumption.

This also caused problems for the happy couple as the conversation thread had responses where some people confirmed they would be coming along with their children.

The bride had indicated to me it was just DH and I invited, not my kids.

I try not to give physical objects because I don’t feel I can possibly know enough about them to get something that they wouldn’t just consider clutter.E-hell has taught me an invitation is not a summons.The invitation included a RSVP card but no return envelope so I was planning on sending a wedding card with the RSVP inside.And those guests show up exclaiming, “I thought you knew I’d come.” As if hosts are psychic and can read minds.The egregious faux pas in this story is the creation of a Facebook chat group thus exposing everyone on it as being the rude wedding guests who havn’t RSVPed yet.

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