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Information that you should be careful to protect includes your full name, your place of work, your address, your phone number, whether you have children, email address, credit card details or other financial information.Think carefully before adding a potential date or someone you’ve just met on social media.It’s best to keep a clear head so you’re in control of what is going on.Consider meeting during the day for coffee rather than meeting at a bar just to be safe.It’s safer to keep these communications limited to the dating app or website you’re using rather than moving to another platform. Do some digging Use the information that you know about the person to do a bit of digging about them online.Check that what they’ve told you matches up with what you find when you search for their details. Always meet and stay in public If you do decide to go ahead with going on a first date make sure that you meet up in a place that is public.This way you’re in control and independent, especially if something doesn’t work out.

Some examples of the types of behaviour that you should report include: Here are some links to the safety centres of some of the biggest online dating apps and websites: Tinder Grindr Bumble Elite Singles Ok Cupid We’ve put together some tips to help you keep yourself safe if you decide to meet up with someone you’ve met online. Get to know them first Try to get to know the person online first before meeting up with them in person.

Often people’s social media pages contain a lot of personal information so it’s best that these are kept private and just for people you know and trust.

Never respond to a request for money or financial information via an online dating app or website, especially if the person is overseas.

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